Sugar Rush Red Pepper Seeds


Heat level: Mild

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The Sugar Rush Red peppers grow very large and long peppers that are sweet and not too hot.  I grow these every year since they are fantastic performers yielding a lot of peppers.  These belongs to the “Sugar Rush” family of peppers along with the Sugar Rush Cream and Sugar Rush Peach peppers, created by Chris Fowler of Wales.  15+ Sugar Rush Red Pepper Seeds.

Heat level: Mild to hot.
Yield type: Very large plant with heavy production.
Uses: Eaten raw, stuffing/grilling, powder.
Quantity: 15+ Sugar Rush Red Pepper Seeds.
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***Need help growing? Check out my guide on How to Grow Hot Pepper Plants!***

Seeds harvested from organic plants grown on Long Island, NY. Follow 86 Peppers LLC on Youtube, Instagram, & Facebook. Join the 86pepperheads Facebook Group!



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