FoxFarm’s Ocean Forest vs Happy Frog

What’s the difference between FoxFarm’s Ocean Forest and Happy Frog soils? Can you germinate hot pepper seeds in Ocean Forest and Happy Frog? Do you need to fertilize when using these soils? Find out in this 3 month study! I compared these two FoxFarm soils against Espoma Garden Soil and top soil.

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Products shown in this video:

AC Infinity Cloudline T6 (6″ tube, variable speed controller)
AC Infinity Cloudline S6 (6″ tube, constant speed controller)
AC Infinity Cloudline S4 (4″ tube, constant speed controller)

For FoxFarm Ocean Forest and Happy Frog soils in my surrounding area I prefer Agway in Mt Sinai, or use their dealer locater.

Bootstrap Farmer Cell Trays
Heat Mat
3.5″ Dura Pots
Grow Tent
Grow Lights

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How To Adjust the PH of Your Water For Hot Pepper Plants

Making sure your soil has the right PH is important to allow your plants to absorb the proper nutrients.

The Chart

I’m sure you have all seen this chart before. It demonstrates the types of nutrients that your plant will not be able to absorb if the soil falls outside the ideal PH range.

Supplies mentioned in this video:

APERA INSTRUMENTS AI209 Value Series PH20 PH Tester
PH Up/Down Kit
Probe Storage Solution
3oz Paper Cups
Calibration Video

How to use FoxFarm Grow Big, Big Bloom, & Tiger Bloom

I called FoxFarm and got the scoop on their feeding schedule vs. bottle mixture, the difference between their Ocean Forest and Happy Frog soil, and whether to use their Hydro version of Grow Big when fertilizing using the double-cup method. ***I recommend using these products at half strength for hot pepper plants!***

FoxFarm Feeding Schedule (US, EN)

Cheapest prices I could find on Amazon:

Grow Big
Big Bloom
Tiger Bloom
3-pack (best value)

Germination Preparation

How to grow hot peppers! Episode 1 – Germination preparation! Planting starts on Feb 15! Are you ready? Learn what you need to germinate hot pepper plants. The “Double Cup” prep starts @ 09:59 Product links below!

Just growing a couple plants? Check out my Growing Guide for suggestions on growing smaller gardens.

The Complete Growing Guide
Hot Pepper Seeds
Bootstrap Farmer Cell Trays
Smaller 12 Cell Trays
Seed Starting Mix
Black Stakes
Heat Mat
3.5″ Dura Pots
Grow Big Fertilizer
Watering Can
Grow Tent
T5 Grow Lights

2020 Year in Review – Biggest Successes & Failures

2020 is over (thank the lord) and while the COVID pandemic was in full swing, it did bring a couple of advantages – more time to tend to my plants! It’s a good thing too because I was out of my mind going from 25 plants in 2019 to over 115 plants in 2020! Needless to say there were a lot of mistakes made, but also a lot of knowledge earned. Take a look at some of my biggest failures and how I learned from them (and plan to fix them in 2021.