Ac Infinity Self Watering Base Review

Ac Infinity Self Watering Base

The AC Infinity Self Watering Bases work! But they’re not for everybody. These bases are great for those who frequently go on vacation, office plants, or any other plant that drinks synthetic nutrients or plain water. Experiences haven’t been great…

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Feed Me

Join me and “Serious” Food Critic Scott Vogel of Newday’s “Feed Me TV” as we embark upon the gnarliest of all hot wing challenges, dubbed “An unwinnable challenge” (by myself) at Kickin’ Chicken in Farmindale, NY.

grow big vs happy frog

FoxFarm’s Ocean Forest vs Happy Frog

What’s the difference between FoxFarm’s Ocean Forest and Happy Frog soils? Can you germinate hot pepper seeds in Ocean Forest and Happy Frog? Do you need to fertilize when using these soils? Find out in this 3 month study! I…

ph your water

How To Adjust the PH of Your Water For Hot Pepper Plants

Making sure your soil has the right PH is important to allow your plants to absorb the proper nutrients. The Chart I’m sure you have all seen this chart before. It demonstrates the types of nutrients that your plant will…

foxfarm trio of fertilizers

How to use FoxFarm Grow Big, Big Bloom, & Tiger Bloom

I called FoxFarm and got the scoop on their feeding schedule vs. bottle mixture, the difference between their Ocean Forest and Happy Frog soil, and whether to use their Hydro version of Grow Big when fertilizing using the double-cup method.…

86 peppers planting seeds

Planting Seeds

How to grow hot peppers! Episode 2 – Planting Seeds! Double cup method starts at 03:10 and cell-tray method starts at 08:47. Product links below! The Complete Growing GuideHot Pepper SeedsBootstrap Farmer Cell TraysSmaller 12 Cell TraysSeed Starting MixPromixBlack StakesHeat…

86 peppers with seed starting trays

Germination Preparation

How to grow hot peppers! Episode 1 – Germination preparation! Planting starts on Feb 15! Are you ready? Learn what you need to germinate hot pepper plants. The “Double Cup” prep starts @ 09:59 Product links below! Just growing a…