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About 86 Peppers LLC

I’ve been into hot sauce for over 20 years. The sauce that got me addicted was The Hottest F’n Sauce.  The OG sauces at that time were the Dave’s Insanity and Blair’s sauces. Times have changed a lot since then. I’ve always wanted to make my own hot sauce with pepper that I grew but never thought hot peppers would grow well on Long Island, NY.  I studied up and tried my hand at growing 15 plants. The next year? Over 100 and 150 the year after. I’ve since tempered the agricultural side of the business a bit and aimed more at perfecting my hot sauce and producing content on YouTube.

I am very active in the BMX community on Long Island. I am the founder of the Percy Raynor Bike Park and spend a great deal of time managing and building the park. My day job is spent managing software, creating videos, and helping staff, faculty, and students learn technology in Higher Education.

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I love hearing from customers and encourage every one of you to connect and share your growing journey with me!  How are your plants doing? Send me a picture!  


I only use organic and environmentally/insect friendly garden practices. For me, quality and safety is paramount.


Check out my Ultimate Growing Guide if you’re new to growing hot peppers, and connect with me on one of the many channels below. 

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