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I’ve been into hot sauce since year 2000.  I never thought I could grow hot peppers on Long Island, NY.  I mean, how hard could it be right?  So, of course I go absolutely bananas and grow over 100 hot pepper plants!  This year? 150….

My day job is spent managing software, creating videos, and helping people learn technology in Higher Education.


I grow all my peppers using 100% love on Long Island NY.  I love hearing from customers and encourage every one of you to connected and share your growing journey with me!  How are your plants doing? Send me a picture!  

Check out my Ultimate Growing Guide if you’re new to growing hot peppers, and connect with me on one of the many channels below.  Thank you for visiting 86 Peppers and get growing!



I use environmentally and insect friendly garden practices. For me, quality is paramount.


I've poured my knowledge into my Growing Guide. Learn how to grow your own peppers!


If you have a problem with anything you buy from me, let me know and I'll make it right.

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I have helped hundreds of people grow their own pepper plants (no purchase necessary!)

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