How to Grow Hot Pepper Plants

I think hot pepper plants are some of the easiest plants to grow. The resources in this Ultimate Hot Pepper Growing Guide will help you in every step of the process, from seedling to harvest.  So, let’s dive in and get started planning your garden in the first chapter, Sowing.

  • How to plant pepper seeds.
  • When & how long to grow. 
  • Double-cups vs trays.
  • Great for smaller gardens less than 18 plants
  • Soil, labels, stakes
  • Cup separation
  • Temperature, watering, light 
  • Great for larger gardens 18 plants or more
  • Trays, pots, soil, labels, stakes
  • Temperature, watering, light 
  • When to transplant hot pepper seedlings.
  • Preparing the starter pot.
  • Removing seedling from the tray and potting.
  • Different types of lights
  • LED vs Fluorescent
  • How long to leave the light on
  • How far from the plant
  • Life cycle of pepper plants
  • NPK 
  • Fertilizing seedlings indoors
  • Fertilizing mature plants outdoors
  • How to apply fertilizer
  • Researching the insect
  • Introducing natural predators
  • Aphid & Ant control
  • Soap Spray
  • Nuclear options
  • Hardening off
  • Sunlight Requirements
  • Grow bags vs pots
  • In-ground planting
drip line in hot pepper plant grow bag


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  • Coming soon…