Live Plants

First off, THANK YOU for purchasing an 86 Peppers Live Plant! I love connecting with customers, seeing their plants grow, and offering help throughout the growing season. So please, join me and other 86 Pepperheads on the FB Group, message me on FB Messenger, connect on Instagram, and don’t forget to catch up on Youtube. You can also email me at

ghost pepper plant

How to Care For Your Hot Pepper Plant

If you bought your plant from me in a small white grow bag, you’ll need to transplant it right away into a larger (5lb or more) grow bag, plastic pot, or directly in the ground. There is no need to remove the plant from the grow bag, just place the entire bag in the hole and cover with soil. The roots will grow through the bag! Your plant has already been hardened off and can withstand full exposure to direct sunlight for 8 hours.

Visit the page on transplanting to learn about the pros and cons of each, what soil to use, fertilizer and all that jazz.

Hardening off

Unless you picked up your plant early, your plant has already been hardened off. Not sure? Reach out. Check out the hardening off process.


I like to use Espoma Garden-Tone. It’s cheap, organic, and found easily. You can get it on Amazon, however Home Depot has the best prices (to date). Apply once a month following the instructions on Espoma’s website.

You can find more information on watering, insect control, and harvesting on my Ultimate Hot Pepper Growing Guide.

Please reach out at any time if you have any questions throughout the season. Happy growing!