Datil Hot Pepper Plant


Heat Level: Very hot
Sold in 5″ fabric bag.
Local pickup/delivery only.

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Available only for 3 Village and surrounding areas.  Email joe@86peppers.com with any questions.

This pepper has been on my list for a while now due to its popularity and it’s about time I grew it!  I also love orange peppers.  Expect similar heat to a habanero except they say this pepper has both heat and sweet.  Sounds like a winner.  Apparently it originates from St. Augustine Florida.

Sold in 5″ biodegradable fabric bag for planting in the ground or grow bag.  No need to remove!  Just place the entire bag in the hole – the roots will grow through the bag!

fabric pot

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*The plants pictured are for reference only.  Your plant will vary in size and shape.  If you don’t like your plant or it does not perform well, please contact me.  Please keep in mind that your plant will change drastically throughout the beginning of the season.


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