Scorpion Pepper Powder – EXTREME Series

Available for market testing only.  Read more.
Heat level: Superhot!

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Available for market testing only.  Read more.

The EXTREME Series of powders adds a little extra BAM from some of the hottest peppers on earth!  Embrace the sting of the scorpion pepper!  Shake it over everything!

All peppers grown by 86peppers on Long Island, NY. This is pure organic pepper. Absolutely NO fillers or additives.

flameCAUTION! This powder is hot! Use carefully!
100% Pure Organic Pepper Powder with scorpion “Butch T” pepper!

Want to grow your own peppers? Check out our Seed selection and The Ultimate Growing Guide for tips that will help with every part of the process.  Follow us on Youtube & Instagram for more instructional videos!


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