Red Savina Pepper Seeds


Heat level: Very Hot

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The Red Savina pepper is quickly becoming my new favorite Habanero.  I preferred the red habanero, lending itself better for a red hot sauce, however the Red Savinas grow larger, hotter, and more productive.  This was one of my most productive plants of 2021, constantly filling gallon zip bags per harvesting session.  They seem to take a long time to ripen to their fully mature deep red color, but you can also harvest while they’re reddish-orange (second pic above) if you don’t mind sacrificing a bit on the heat.  The Savina is a hybrid pepper with an interesting heritage.  A man-made creation that was bred to be larger and hotter than the typical habanero.  It held the Guinness Book of World Records for the hottest pepper in the world from 1994-2006.  15+ Red Savina Pepper Seeds with FREE shipping!

Heat level: Very hot.
Yield type: Very high production, very large plant.
Uses: Hot sauce, powder.
Quantity: 15+ Red Savina Pepper Seeds.
FREE shipping & Free seeds with every order (within the same Scoville range). The more you get the more I give!


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