Pasille Mixe Hot Pepper Plant

Heat Level: Mild


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Available only for 3 Village and surrounding areas.  Email with any questions.

I set out to find a large pepper that wasn’t too hot that I could use for stuffing and grilling.  Behold, the Pasille Mixe!  Originating from Mexico, this pepper is traditionally used to make pepper pastes, seasoning powders, and for roasting and stuffing.

All bags contain all-natural 100% organic growing medium, topped with natural mulch.  The Deluxe Fabric Bags come with a 4 month supply of organic fertilizer!

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*The plants pictured are for reference only.  Your plant will vary in size and shape.  If you don’t like your plant or it does not perform well, please contact me.  Please keep in mind that your plant will change drastically throughout the beginning of the season.


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