My Final Heaven

Available for market testing only.  Read more.
The hottest sauce I ever made.  It’s scary.



Available for market testing only.  Read more.

This is the hottest sauce I offer.  It contains none of the pineapple or mango found in my other sauces as to not temper the heat.  The ingredients were kept at a minimum to allow the natural flavors of the superhots to be the main voice.  It has a bit of an upfront burn with a strong lingering burn that doesn’t quit.  This is a sauce for pepper-heads that seek the ultimate experience.  Inspired by the classic 1999 RPG, Joe’s personal favorite in the series.

Ingredients: Peppers (reaper, ghost (red & chocolate), death spiral, naga brain chocolate, apocalypse scorpion, moruga uv), vinegar, onion, lime juice, garlic, salt.

*shake well – refrigerate after opening*

flameCAUTION Extremely Hotflame


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