Jalapeno Craig’s Grande


Heat level: Hot

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*Free seeds (with minimum order of 2 or more)!

My new favorite jalapeno!  They grow a little fatter than regular jalapenos, and seem to ripen to red much quicker.  Did you know that all jalapenos ripen to red?  I assume they are usually harvested and served green because it takes too long to wait for them to turn red.  That’s my guess.  In any event, they’re great green too!

Quantity: 15 seeds.

***Need help growing? Instructions on my “Complete Growing Guide“***

Seeds harvested from organic plants grown in 2020 on Long Island, NY. *All plants were open-pollinated.* No isolation, netting, or any other measures were take to prevent cross breeding of species.
FREE shipping. (*Free seeds from plants chosen within a similar Scoville rating. Good stuff I promise. Minimum order of 2 or more. The more you buy the more free seeds you will receive.)


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