Hot Sauce, Powders, & Salts

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Please email for availability.  All products made with peppers organically grown by 86 Peppers LLC on Long Island, NY.  *Shake well & refrigerate after opening*

Lemon Hot Sauce ($5)

A sweet lemony delight that’s just a little hot.  This pairs well with eggs, pasta, chicken, corn, stir-fry, etc.   Most find it to be on the lower end of the heat spectrum.  Ingredients:  Vinegar, mango, scotch bonnet peppers, lemon juice, honey, salt, spices.

Roast Beast Hot Sauce ($5)

A customer favorite!  Big bold flavors dance with hot peppers.  It’s addicting, with a robust medium burn.  Pairs well with……beast!  (and other meats).  Ingredients:  Vinegar, pineapple, onion, habanero peppers, garlic, lime juice, molasses, cinnamon, spices.

Mega Beast Hot Sauce ($5)

A full-roast mega-hot version of Roast Beast. In the sport of BMX, roasting a jump means to pull back hard for maximum boost. This sauce is kind of like that. It’s a full-on roast thanks to the addition of ghost peppers. This sauce is a beast! Pairs well with…..beast! (and other meats).  Ingredients: Vinegar, pineapple, onion, garlic, habanero & ghost peppers, lime juice, molasses, cinnamon, spices.

My Final Heaven Hot Sauce ($5)

This is the hottest sauce I offer.  It contains none of the pineapple or mango found in my other sauces as to not temper the heat.  The ingredients were kept at a minimum to allow the natural flavors of the superhots to be the main voice.  It has a bit of an upfront burn with a strong lingering burn that doesn’t quit.  This is a sauce for pepper-heads that seek the ultimate experience.  Inspired by the classic 1999 RPG, Joe’s personal favorite in the series.  Ingredients: Peppers (reaper, ghost (red & chocolate), death spiral, naga brain chocolate, apocalypse scorpion, moruga uv), vinegar, onion, lime juice, garlic, salt.

Hot Pepper Powder ($20)

For 2022, I poured all my hard work (and all my peppers grown throughout the season) into creating this masterful blend of hot and superhot pepper powder mix.  Pepper powder is a fantastic alternative to hot sauce when you want to add heat to your food without drastically affecting the flavor as hot sauce typically does.  This is 100% pure pepper powder, no fillers added, which is quite potent.  Sprinkle some in your chili, pasta, eggs, cheesy snacks, smoothie, burger, the list goes on.  It’s extremely versatile and should last a long time.  Just a little does it!  Ingredients: 100% hot and superhot peppers organically grown.

Hot Pepper Salt (Coming soon)

Himalayan Sea Salt infused with my hot pepper powder!  Offering a medium burn, sprinkle this wherever you’d like a bit of heat and flavor.  Joe has it on his eggs every morning!  Ingredients: Himalayan sea salt, hot and superhot pepper powder.


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