Cayenne Purple Pepper Seeds


Heat level: Hot

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The Purple Cayenne Pepper Plant grows tons of small cayenne-shaped peppers that start green, turn to purple, and finally ripen to red!  The stems stay purple.  They have a cool purple/red thing going on.  Great for salads or whatever.  15+ Cayenne Purple Pepper Seeds.

Heat level: Hot.
Yield type: Large production, small slender peppers.
Uses: Eaten raw, hot sauce, powder, salads.
Quantity: 15+ Cayenne Purple Pepper Seeds.
FREE shipping & Free seeds with every order (within the same Scoville range). The more you get the more I give!


***Need help growing? Check out my guide on How to Grow Hot Pepper Plants!***

Seeds harvested from organic plants grown on Long Island, NY. Follow 86 Peppers LLC on Youtube, Instagram, & Facebook. Join the 86pepperheads Facebook Group!



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